About Leadas Business Advisors

About Leadas

Leadas is a consulting firm specializing in helping small to medium sized businesses run more effectively. The consultants at Leadas have worked with hundreds of business owners over the years, and have found proven methods that work to improve your business.

The Systems Solution:

Most small and medium businesses are just a collection of jobs. In order for a business to be more than just a bunch of jobs, there must be systems running the business (and people running the systems).

Lasting change only occurs through:

- Planting the seed mentally.
- Making the decision.
- Changing something in the external world. The most effective way to create change in businesses is by putting new procedures, structures, environmental conditions, processes, accountability rules or support, checklists, or positions in place. These might involve technology or might not.

Who We Help:

- Our best clients are businesses with 6 to 100 employees currently generating revenues of $1 to $20 million per year.
- We work directly with business owners to help them make changes in their businesses.
- We have experience helping develop systems across the three major areas of business:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance and tracking

- We have gotten the best results for family owned businesses (a partnered couple, siblings, parent child, married, etc.) People who want more from their business.
- Businesses who have the internal resources to implement and just need strategic guidance, and businesses who want to retain us to implement their project for them.

What We Do NOT do:

- Teach you how to sell or brand your product or service (we can help you create systems in your sales and marketing to make sure you get consistent results and understand what results you are getting, but we won’t tell you how to sell your product).

- Marketing, public relations, or sales management (you must know how to sell and market your product or service).

- Tell you how to create or deliver your product or service – you are the expert in your product or service, we are the efficiency experts.